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INTERVIEW magazine “fashionledge” USA

Ute Hadam
Written by Yvette N. Coleman

“One day while I was browsing the internet searching for possible art for my collaborative book (Kinks…Connected at the Roots.) I didn’t have anything specific but I knew it was going to “just hit me.” Not long into my search I came across “Waiting” - - a silhouette of a woman in abstraction. From that moment I knew that Ute Hadam’s art would speak to me. Her art had just “hit me!” I reviewed more of her work and each piece was significantly more beautiful and intricate. Her art is very soulful and natural with endless possibilities on the human form.  


Ute Hadam’s compositions are free and strike the right balance between light and dark on all subjects so that one has to inspect each inch of the canvas. I reached out the Ute to inquire about being available for the cover of Kinks, with the time difference of the UK I was on pins and needles for her reply. I had to know more about her and her perspectives; I wanted her soulful feminine and sensual interpretations to represent the core of my book project. She was inviting and pleased to be apart of the project and made the cover customized to myself and my co-author Amera Douglas. In the time to come I had a chance to learn more about Ute Hadam and I wanted to introduce my audience to her works of expression.”

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illustration de la page couverture du livre de poésie et nouvelles du même auteur, voir lien 

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